Attorney: Awendaw Can Ban Cameras From Meetings

AWENDAW, SC – No law was passed, but Awendaw’s town attorney gave council the blessing to ban the use of recording devices if the person recording is being too disruptive.

Efforts to try and ban recording devices were initiated during the June 28 Town Council meeting, when two council members opposed the recording of the meeting because they couldn’t identify the individual who was recording as being part of the media.

In town minutes, the individual was identified as Chris Simmons, an Awendaw resident who said, “…he does recordings for specific events of the town and provides to the public taping of what is going on in the town.”

Minutes later in that meeting, Council Members Sheila Powell, Rodney Porcher, Bryan McNeal, Jr. and Miriam Green voted not to allow Simmons to videotape.

At the point, council did not know how to proceed and waited for Town Attorney Dwayne Green to arrive. While council waited for Attorney Green, Miriam Green and McNeal walked out of the meeting. Town minutes show Mayor Samuel Robinson “could not hold off the meeting until Attorney Green was present and continued on with the meeting.”


Source: Live 5 News

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